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We can offer you diverse forms of trekking services. We run an eco-friendly, trekking, hiking to our clients which can meet their expectation and suit their budget. Furthermore, packages can be customized as per their needs.


We server both inbound tours & outbounds tour . We also provide best tour guide & sightseeing trips in Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet.


Expedition in Nepal is one of the most extreme adventurous activity anyone could ever try for. The home of the Himalayas, Nepal has the most potential to offer you the thrilling experience of climbing one of the mountains above 8000' m above sea level.

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"It Is Not The Mountain We Conquer, But Ourselves . You Need Special Shoes For Hiking—And A Bit Of A Special Soul As Well."

What makes Nepal different?

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Visit Nepal 2020

Welcome guests to praise the year 2020 which is picked as national the travel industry year of Nepal after the year 2011 which was the essential expert the travel industry year of new Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal. The legislature and the travel industry bureau of Nepal definitively revealed that Nepal will take year 2020 as "Visit Nepal 2020", a year focused on the travel industry of Nepal with vision of making a sensible brand picture of Nepal as movement and vacationer goal, backing up the travel industry establishments of Nepal, improve the development of the travel industry, and upgrade region the travel industry as supportable industry. The governing body has needed to suit more than one million guests in the midst of the time of "Visit Nepal 2020". 

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We are legally approved by Tourisms board & Nepal Government

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