Take Risk Live Free Say Yes To Adventure

An Adventure is an exciting or unusual experience taking risk with an unknown outcome. Adventure is an activity for thrilling where Nepal is one of the famous country for doing Adventurous activities having a stunning geographical structure and a unique natural contrast.

The adventurous activities done in Nepal are River Rafting, Sky Diving, Paragliding, Bunjee Jump, Zip Liner, Honey Hunting, Mountain Climbing, Biking and Para Hawking etc.



  • Zipline

    Another new adventure in Pokhara that will push your adrenalin to the greatest. ZipFlyer Nepal is the world’s longest, steepest and speediest zip-line to give you a definitive enterprise encounter. Comprising of a trolley mounted on a steel link 1.8 km long, the ride drops 600 m vertically from the highest point of the Sarangkot […]

  • Bungee Jump

    THE ULTIMATE thrill of a bungee jump can now be experience in nepal-14 km from kodari, Nepal-tibet border, a three hour bus drive from Kathmandu. The suspension bridge over which the jump takes place is 160m over the wild bhote koshi river with spectular scenery. A new bungee jump has also stated operating recently in […]

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